Show- and Marching Flora Band (Netherland)

Show- Marching- and Concertband Flora Band was founded on the 1st of August 1968 and can count itself among the international top. This is evident from their more than excellent performance at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, but also from their busy schedule. The Flora Band is, in their style, choice of music regarding show and march, uniform and appearance, the most English among the Dutch show and marching bands. The Flora Band assumes a brass band formation.

The history of the Flora Band has too many highlights to list.

Fact is that the Flora Band is known for their fantastic agenda; Breda tattoo, national tattoo in Ahoy and various annually recurring trips abroad are proof of this.

The Flora Band is under the musical direction of conductor Dennis Hazenoot and instructor Stephen van den Bosch. The performances are led by tambour-maïtre Benjamin Driebergen.