Who are we?

Royal Music Federation of Brussels Capital-Region

Affiliated to the Royal Music Association of Belgium
Affiliated to the European Union of musicians

Honorary Chairman Mr Guy VANHENGEL, first Vice-President of Parliament of Brussels-Capital Region
Vice-Honorary Chairman Mrs Carla DEJONGHE, Member of Parliament of Brussels-Capital Region


The “Royal Music Federation of Brussels-Capital Region cwp.”
The “ Music Federation” of and for all Brussels music and vocals associations: wind bands, fanfares, brass bands, youth
music associations, symphony orchestras, strings, big bands, show- and majorette corps, concert bands, drum corps,
copper, saxophone, accordion and other ensembles (from duo to …) and choirs.


History and objectives
After a fifty year existence and experience as “Regional Department” of the Music Federation Brabant, it became a fullfledged INDEPENDENT Brussels Music Federation in 1997.

The “Royal Music Federation of Brussels-Capital Region cwp” aims, outside and above all political and philosophical relations, to represent the interests of the amateur art music, both instrumental and vocal associations, and to support, encourage and guide.

In its functioning, it concentrates mainly to the youth, to help assure the future of the amateur music, and safe this.
From 2004 it has for certain of its activities, a “good” cooperation and mutual respect with the new organization “Vlamo” Brussels Region” to future blossoming and growth of the Brussels music life.


The “Royal Music Federation of Brussels-Capital Region cwp” is a full provincial (Brussels) division part of the “ROYAL MUSIC ASSOCIATION of BELGIUM”
It is also affiliated to the “European Union of musicians” – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


Operation and programming
The “Royal Music Federation of Brussels-Capital Region cwp” organizes various activities sometimes in cooperation with other organisations among other things like: TAPTOE BRUSSELS, CONCERTBAND FESTIVAL BRUSSELS, competitions for associations and youth soloists, , national championship HAFABRA, …


The membership of the “Royal Music Federation of Brussels-Capital Region cwp” gives:
• QUALITY-ENCHANCING ACCOMPANIMENTS Musical expert counsellors are made available, free of charge to the conductors
on the occasion of a concert performance, to accompany the corps, to give advice to raise their quality.
• COURSES are also regularly given, free of charge, by experts on several important topics specific to the member associations.
• TRAINING AND STUDY DAYS are regularly organized in various places in Brussels, about all kinds of problems and novelties in the music world.
• OFFER OF REPERTORYS directory of soloists (adult and youth), for music associations, etc … are available.
• MUSIC COUNCIL a highly skilled music council (only professional musicians) is always prepared to service skill.
• HONORABLE AWARDS AND MEDALS advice for obtaining these be provided if desired
• SUBSIDIES advice for obtaining various subsidies are given without obligation


“BRUSSEL LEEFT” – “KLANKBORD BRUSSELS GEWEST” our own magazine of Brussels-Capital Region
It includes specific information about the connected Brussels music and vocals associations and contains a range of other general information from the music world.

This magazine is an indispensable link between the associations themselves and also brings useful information and the necessary impulse to the growth of the Brussels associations.